Walk of Heroes Phase II Restoration Raffle

From February to May, 2016, the Walk of Heroes conducted Phase I to raise $162,000 to accomplish 11 major repairs at the Walk of Heroes Park. During phase I we raised a little over $28,000 which allowed us to get the Bead Site Fountain and the ground control box repaired/refurbished.

The fountain is now working thanks to the generosity of many individual and business donations to accomplish this major restoration.  This video shows the work accomplished and the operation of the restored fountain.

We have a long way to go, however, to completely accomplish the remaining 10 area to restore the park to a fully functioning Memorial which presents its awesome aesthetic value to all who visit. Take a few moments to watch this video which shows what we have left to accomplish at the Walk of Heroes. The Phase II Restoration Project is launching today.


The Walk of Heroes now has sustaining memberships to help us maintain the components of the park forward. You can become a sustaining member here

How can you be a part of the restoration of the areas shown in the video? Beginning today, Phase II begins through September 10, 2016 and we are conducting a raffle to be drawn at the Annual POW/MIA Ceremony at the Walk of Heroes

Five tickets will be drawn, and the winners be contacted from the first drawn to the last. The first drawn winner will choose among the 5 prizes, then the second drawn winner will choose from the 4 prizes remaining and the third drawn ticket owner will choose from remaining 3 prizes, and the fourth drawn ticket owner will choose from remaining 2 prizes, and the fifth drawn ticket owner will receive the remaining prize. Choice of prizes are:

3,000 .223 round of FMJ (ARV $1,100 donated by Georgia Arms)
KSG 12 gauge pump Shotgun (ARV $1,000 donated by Kel-Tec Firearms)
Marathon Gasoline Gift Card (ARV $400 donated by Muddessar Ahmad)
SCCY CPX2 9mm/10 Round pistol (ARV $320 donated by Elite Pawn of Conyers, GA)
Gift Card (ARV $200)

Tickets can be downloaded here. Tickets are $5.00 per ticket or 6 for $25.00

Just fill out the ticket stub and check and mail it to:
Walk of Heroes Raffle
PO Box 289
Conyers, GA 30012


You can download tickets here:   Walk-of-Heroes-Raffle-Tickets