Due to all COVID-19 restrictions in place, the event to re-dedicate the replaced items that were damaged during the 12/15/17 “theft/vandalism” incident is being rescheduled and a date will be announced when available.

The pictures attached with this message allow for a visual presentation of the damage done throughout this Memorial.

On December 19, 2017, a Press Release was issued by the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. This announced the “Reward” of $5,000, from Billy Corey of U.S. Enterprises, Inc. “to anyone who provides information leading to an arrest of the suspects.” As of this message, four individuals have been arrested and are awaiting trial. The $5,000 Reward will be awarded to five individuals who helped obtain these arrests.

Most of the Bronze Items taken (two statues, the globe, multiple 14″x18″ plaques) have been recovered, following being cut up and dumped in a body of water. At this point, we do not know if all recovered items can be refurbished and made whole or it some or all will need to be replaced.

The four individuals caused an estimated $200,000 (maximum) in damage. They stole 1,700+ pounds of Bronze; and, on 12/15/17, it was worth $1.72 per pound. Thus, they may have been able to obtain $2,924 for selling all they stole.

Since 12/1517, we have responded to 1,200+ phone calls, texts, E-Mails and Letters, offering encouragement and/or assistance.

While the County has insurance, that insurance has provided $55,000 “to repair” all pieces recovered.

We do not want to use this attack, on the hollowed ground of the WALK OF HEROES, to raise funds; but, we are going to need to raise funds to: 1. insure all the specific sites, that were damaged, are repaired/replaced/fixed; 2. Accomplish all previously scheduled and needed repairs and maintenance issues throughout the Memorial; 3. Move forward with expansion.

Please find an update to the Theft/Vandalism in an article by The Citizen.

Since the article, Phase 1 of repairing and updating the lighting throughout the Memorial, is completed.

Finally, we are moving toward a “re-dedication ceremony” of the refurbished and installed repair/update of the  Statues/Globe and  Plaques. MORE TO FOLLOW!




Per the public’s request, we have created an “account,” within our checking account, to handle donations for “theft/vandalism, Within this web site, you can use PayPal or a credit card. If you want to send a check, make it out to WALK OF HEROES and write in the “for/remarks” for
theft/vandalism and mail to P. O. Box 289, Conyers, GA 30012. If you use our web site, please provide your E-Mail and mailing address, so we can keep all updated and thank you down the road.

Also, please note that within our web site you can place an order for a Paver and/or become a Sustaining Member.

Below is a link to a weekly analysis from 1/13/18 through today. Our endeavor has a broad acceptance , across Georgia and America. We have a long way to go! Please insure your networks are aware of the need for everyone’s help. No donation is to small!

Tommy Clack
JOHN 15:13
President/Chairman of the Board
WALK OF HEROES/Veterans War Memorial

We are grateful for any amount you can contribute towards the reconstruction from the damages incurred from the recent vandalism to our grounds as well as the theft that occurred via the link below.


Theft - Direction Sign Taken
Damage to Middle Statue
Theft - Statue Area
Damage to Shed
Theft - Rods Rope Missing
Theft - Damage at Wall Stage Area
Theft - Direction Sign Taken
Theft - Can Taken
Theft - Quotes S Missing
Theft - Statue Area S Missing on Quote
Theft - Army Marine Logo Missing at Top
Theft - Sign from Entrance
Theft - Army Marine Logo Missing
Damage to Fountain
Damage to Fountain
Damage to Fountain
Theft - 2 Bronze Plaques Missing
Theft - S From Quote on ground
Statue Area
Theft - Army Marine Logo Missing
Damage to Fountain
Damage to Fountain
Theft - Direction Sign Taken
Theft - Statue Area S Missing on Quote
Theft - Statue Area
Theft - Statue Area